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Crucial Advice and Practices to Assist the Dying Process Teaching ~ Digital Audio

Crucial Advice and Practices to Assist the Dying Process Teaching ~ Digital Audio

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Teachings by Lama Chonam and Sangye Khandro

Unrestricted Publication
Audio MP3: 4 hours

Sangye Khandro & Lama Chonam offered a two-day, online teaching from Tashi Choling in October, 2020 based on a publication prepared by the Light of Berotsana Translation Group entitled Crucial Advice and Practices to Assist the Dying Process, an Indispensable Manual.

The audio teachings include detailed explanations and how to become familiar with the content in the manual, giving one the opportunity to relax and engage in these basic, yet essential phowa practices in order to prepare for the important transition of death—for oneself and loved ones

Contents of the audio teaching and manual include instruction, prayers, and practices from Buddha Shakyamuni, Padmasambhava, and Karma Lingpa. Also included is the Six Bardos terma by Karma Lingpa that was widely distributed in 1980 by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche, Jigdral Yeshe Dorje. The other liturgies present in the manual are termas of Tulku Migyur Dorje and Karma Chagmed Rinpoche.

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The "Crucial Advice" manual is available in print and PDF (for electronic viewing only).


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