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that no one currently speaks the language that the Buddha spoke? Without translation, what would we know of the Buddha’s teachings?

“Light of Berotsana is engaging in some of the most important and meaningful Tibetan translation work to date. I believe that they are making a historic contribution to the establishment of genuine Buddhadharma in the West.”

Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche


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Tröma Fire Ritual
In Dependence upon the Wisdom Dakini Troma Nagmo,
the Fire Ceremony for the Four Enlightened Activities entitled
Spontaneously Present Enlightened Activity

Fire puja is usually performed at the conclusion of retreat to purify omissions and faults that may have occurred and to accumulate merit as well.
27 pgs. with 6 extra pgs. of instructions for substances to offer and how to do the puja.

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Oral Teaching Transcripts

We now offer our entire catalogue of transcripts of oral teachings in Electronic Adobe PDF format.

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Translated Offerings

The Benzar Guru Mantra's Benefits and Syllable Commentary

Terma of Karma Lingpa

At the request of Venerable Gyatrul Rinpoche, this brief commentary on the Benzar Guru mantra was translated into both English and Chinese. Gyatrul Rinpoche expressed that everyone should read and contemplate this teaching, to inspire faith and give a glimpse of the profundity of the mantra's blessing. Please feel free to share with all who might be interested. May they be of benefit!

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We are passionate about furthering the translation, preservation, and study of the Buddhist literature and philosophical heritage of Tibet at the highest standards of excellence.

Our name is derived from the renowned Tibetan translator Berotsana, who flourished during the eighth century. Berotsana translated hundreds of Buddhist texts from the languages of India into Tibetan and played a pivotal role in the establishment of Tibet's literary culture. Many accounts of his life have been composed in his native land; and they recount his childhood in Tibet, his studies in India, the challenges he faced, his many accomplishments, the students whom he trained, and his eventual death. A brief retelling of Berotsana's story is presented here (full length).

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