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Light of Berotsana


Tröma Nagmo Teachings
with Sangye Khandro

The audio DVD features a synthesis of preliminary Chöd instructions. Sangye Khandro quotes many passages found in Pema Lungtok Gyatso’s commentary ~ An Ambrosia Ocean of Sublime Explanations [one of two extraordinary commentaries included in the book, Dudjom Lingpa’s Chöd], and provides her own commentary and advice for western practitioners.
Recorded at the annual Orgyen Dorje Den Tröma retreats in 2013 & 2014.

[Restricted material]
Data DVD ~ MP3 Audio $20
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 Dudjom Lingpa's Chöd 

"A must for Troma & Chod practitioners from all lineages!"

An Ambrosia Ocean of Sublime Explanations
by Pema Lungtok Gyatso, &
The Profound Heart Essence of Saraha

by Heruka Dudjom Lingpa.

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Coming Soon!

Yeshe Lama, by Vidyadhara Jigmed Lingpa

Portuguese translation by Light of Berotsana translator
Helena Patsis-Bolduc



It is our aspiration and commitment to bring the precious Buddhadharma to students and and to provide resources for future generations of practitioners.  We accomplish this goal by translating and publishing Tibetan Buddhist literature from great masters in the Vajrayana and Dzogchen traditions. We also provide oral translations of teachings given by lineage masters. Our published works feature root texts and commentaries in English and other languages, including Chinese and Portuguese. Light of Berotsana is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.