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Precious Treasury of the Genuine Meaning ~ Book

Precious Treasury of the Genuine Meaning ~ Book

$ 45.00

by Longchenpa
translated by Lama Chonam and Sangye Khandro 

2020 Revised Edition 

Restricted Publication

Root text translation of one of seven treasures or seminal works composed by the illustrious illuminator of the Great Perfection doctrine, the Omniscient Longchenpa.

Light of Berotsna's translators have upgraded the publication by using a more evolved and meaningful translation of text titles, updating style choices, and correcting a few errors. We are confident this revised edition will be beneficial for all who study and contemplate this important Great Perfection text. 

Only the Innermost, Unexcelled Cycle of the Upadesha Class contains the complete instructions on togal practice, and the text that gives the clearest and most explicit explanation of them is the Tsig Don Dzod (Precious Treasury of the Genuine Meaning). The treasury itself is composed of eleven themes, or vajra topics, which cover everything from the ground of Dzogchen, the origin of delusion, the buddha nature, its location, the light channels, the gateways, space and wisdom, the practice, signs of realization, dying and the bardo of dharmata, and the “great liberation”. Every single detail is covered, which is what makes this Treasury unique.

[Precious Treasury of the Genuine Meaning; Tsig Don Dzod; Tshig Don Dzod; Tsik Don Dzod]

Hardcover Book

The Precious Treasury book is restricted and may be acquired by practitioners of the Great Perfection who have received complete empowerment into the Quintessential Cycle of the Atiyoga vehicle. This would mean having received any one of the following empowerments: the Nyingtig Yabzhi, Tigle Gyachen, Yeshe Lama empowerment, Nyingtig Tsa Pod, or Chetsun Nyingtig empowerment’s, and/or the specific empowerment that introduces the wisdom awareness nature of mind.
To purchase and study the Precious Treasury recordings and transcripts of Khen Namdrol's teachings, in addition to the empowerments mentioned above, one must first receive the lung.
Thank you for honoring the samaya restrictions that guard the blessings for this sacred lineage. If you have a question about your qualification, please consult with your Lama.
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