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Troma Nagmo: An Illuminating Vessel of Siddhis ~ Practice Text

Troma Nagmo: An Illuminating Vessel of Siddhis ~ Practice Text

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Troma Nagmo Chod Retreat Manual
by Dudjom Rinpoche

These precious instructions were revealed and written by Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche to accompany the sadhana retreat for the Wrathful Mother -- the Chod retreat manual required for full actualization of the Mother Dakini Krodhikali in this very lifetime. It dwells within the category of mind terma taken from the Sky Treasury of the Dharmatā and is the method for the practice of the divine mother Troma Nagmo entitled Heart Drop of the Ḍakini.

This volume contains pith instructions for the retreat with a depth of practical information that will assist the student's understanding of both the logic as well as the ritual involved in this subtle and profound path. In addition to the student on retreat, the underlying wisdom that pervades this manual will be of great interest to all practitioners of the glorious path of Chod. This version includes all the important passages in the original Tibetan, clarified instruction, as well as Tibetan transliteration.

30 page spiral bound text

Restricted material. Troma empowerment from any lineage is required to purchase this text.

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