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Precious Treasury of the Genuine Meaning 2010 Transcript

The 2010 transcript of oral teachings given by Khenchen Namdrol Rinpoche on the Precious Treasury of the Genuine Meaning, one of Longchenpa's Seven Treasures, is now complete and offered to authorized students and practitioners.

This transcript is the third in the five-year series of teachings, where the first four years are now available here on the LOB website.

The 2010 transcript covers Chapters Four, Five, Six, and Seven and goes into great detail regarding the location of wisdom awareness, pathways of wisdom, establishing the gateways of wisdom, and the objective sphere. More importantly, Khen Rinpoche's elucidating teachings on these chapters begin to prepare Dzogchen practitioners with instructions and descriptions needed for the paths of trekchö and tögal. There are specific explanations of the four luminosities, as well as the discernment of space and awareness, and how they are experienced in practice.

The Precious Treasury teachings are available as audio, printed transcripts, and digital files that can be downloaded. Order here.

These profound teachings are available to qualified students in the form of audio download, printed transcripts and digital download of PDF transcripts.

The Precious Treasury teachings are restricted and may be acquired by practitioners of the Great Perfection who have received complete empowerment into the Quintessential Cycle of the Atiyoga vehicle. This would mean having received any one of the following empowerments: the Nyingtig Yabzhi, Tigle Gyachen, Yeshe Lama empowerment, Nyingtig Tsa Pod empowerment’s, and/or the specific empowerment that introduces the wisdom awareness nature of mind. In addition, the practitioner must receive the reading transmission (Lung) for this text when the opportunity arises.
To purchase and study the Precious Treasury audio recordings and transcripts of Khen Namdrol's teachings, in addition to the empowerments mentioned, one must first receive the lung.
Thank you for honoring the samaya restrictions that guard the blessings for this sacred lineage. If you have a question about your qualification, please consult with your Lama.