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Ladrub Thigle Gyachan ~ Practice Text

Ladrub Thigle Gyachan ~ Practice Text

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This is a restricted practice text. 

The innermost secret lama practice in the Longchen Nyingtig cycle. This is considered an indispensable preliminary to Dzogchen practice. Revealed by Jigmed Lingpa with additional prayers by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo.

To use this practice text you must receive an empowerment for Thigle Gyachan, a reading transmission for the practices included in this text, and permission from a lineage teacher to read and do these practices. Please take care to honor the samaya commitment that accompanies this tradition like a shadow.

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    Publications marked [Restricted] indicate that some prerequisite is required for its purchase, such as having received an empowerment, transmission, and/or permission from a lama. If necessary, please consult your teacher or lama to determine if you are qualified to purchase, read, or practice particular texts. Publications are copyrighted: reproduction and/or distribution is strictly prohibited.

    **Sangye Khandro on 'Why Some Texts are Restricted'.

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