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Troma Nagmo Concise Sadhana ~ Audio CD

Troma Nagmo Concise Sadhana ~ Audio CD

$ 15.00

This short ganachakra practice was compiled by Thinley Norbu Rinpoche and is entitled The Quintessential Accomplishment in Accordance with the Lineage of the Vajra Essence. In Rinpoche’s own words, “In order to bring sublime bliss to all fortunate disciples who are always engaged in the practice of Dakini Tröma Nagmo, this is a supplementary arrangement of one complete method of practice.”

On this audio CD, the melodies are chanted and the instruments are played by Sangye Khandro. The different sections of the sadhana being practiced are clearly delineated in an outline printed on the inside of the CD cover. Not restricted.

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