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Precious Treasury 2009 Transcript

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Precious Treasury of the Genuine Meaning is one of seven treasures composed by  Longchenpa.

Khenchen Namdrol gave his complete commentary on the Precious Treasury of the Genuine Meaning over a period of five years from 2008-2012 at Orgyen Dorje Den, Alameda, CA.

The 2009 transcript finishes the balance of the first vajra topic on the ground and the way appearances arise from the ground, giving an extensive explanation of the ground’s intrinsic nature and the astonishing mode of appearances, as well as the manner in which Samantabhadra is liberated.

This transcript goes into extensive detail on the second vajra topic involving the way that confusion occurs, including a specific explanation of how the body takes form and the intrinsic nature of the channels, winds, and essential fluids winds, and essential fluids.

The third vajra topic, or the way the buddha nature pervades all beings, is also included and gives a strong refutation of any doubts that may arise about this truth, as well as the cultivation of joy based on exceptional certainty.

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